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  • Brand Name

    DR Rohan Nagar

  • Brand service

    Ayurveda Wellbeing

  • Requirements

    Digital Marketing

  • Location


Dr. Rohan Nagar, a distinguished Ayurvedic doctor and lifestyle coach, encountered several challenges in establishing a robust online presence. The primary hurdle was the absence of an engaging and informative website that accurately represented his expertise and services. Additionally, manual management of social media channels and content creation presented a time-consuming task, diverting Dr. Nagar’s focus from his core practice.

Dr. Rohan Nagar’s challenges, our digital marketing team devised a multifaceted solution to enhance his online presence. For the website development aspect, we conducted a thorough analysis of Dr. Nagar’s brand identity, his unique approach to Ayurveda, and the specific services he offered. The website was then revamped with a clean, intuitive design that not only showcased his credentials but also provided valuable resources on Ayurvedic principles, lifestyle tips, and wellness insights. Features such as appointment scheduling and informative blog posts were integrated to enhance user experience and engagement.

To streamline social media marketing, we implemented automation tools tailored to Dr. Nagar’s specific needs. Automated posting schedules were created to ensure consistent content delivery across platforms, keeping the audience engaged without requiring constant manual oversight. Additionally, we incorporated data analytics to identify peak engagement times, optimizing the timing of posts for maximum reach and impact. This not only saved Dr. Nagar valuable time but also ensured a more strategic and effective social media presence.

For content creation, a customized strategy was developed to align with Dr. Nagar’s holistic approach to Ayurveda and lifestyle coaching. Engaging and informative blog posts, videos, and infographics were crafted to educate the audience on the benefits of Ayurveda, healthy living practices, and Dr. Nagar’s expertise. This content was strategically shared across the website and social media channels, establishing Dr. Nagar as an authoritative figure in his field and attracting a wider audience interested in holistic wellness.

As a result of these solutions, Dr. Rohan Nagar experienced a notable transformation in his online presence. The revamped website became a comprehensive hub for Ayurvedic knowledge and appointment bookings, increasing user engagement and trust. Social media automation not only freed up Dr. Nagar’s time but also led to a significant expansion of his online reach, with a growing community of followers interested in his expertise. The tailored content strategy contributed to increased brand visibility, positioning Dr. Nagar as a go-to authority in Ayurveda and lifestyle coaching.

In conclusion, the detailed solution implemented for Dr. Rohan Nagar successfully addressed the challenges he faced, resulting in a strengthened and more effective digital presence. Through strategic website development, social media automation, and targeted content creation, Dr. Nagar is now better equipped to connect with a broader audience seeking Ayurvedic guidance and holistic wellness insights.