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  • Brand Name


  • Brand service

    Selling Land

  • Requirements

    Social Media Marketing

  • Location

    Franklin, Tennessee

Our digital marketing agency was hired by Landopia.com, a land sales business based in the USA, to increase their social media presence without paid ads. The client’s main objective was to generate more leads and increase sales through their social media platforms. We were tasked with creating a social media marketing strategy to increase the client’s organic reach and engagement.
Landopia.com had been using social media to promote their business for a while but had not seen any significant growth in their following or engagement. Their content was inconsistent, and they did not have a clear understanding of their target audience. Additionally, their social media pages lacked brand consistency and appeared unprofessional.

Our team developed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for Landopia.com that focused on improving their organic reach and engagement. We identified their target audience and created content that resonated with them. We also revamped their social media pages and created a consistent brand image across all their platforms.


To improve their organic reach, we focused on creating engaging and shareable content. We utilized Instagram reels to showcase Landopia.com’s properties in an interesting and engaging way. We created a series of reels that highlighted different aspects of each property, such as its location and amenities.


We also engaged with other social media users by following and commenting on relevant pages and posts. This helped to increase our reach and attract more followers to Landopia.com’s pages.
Within three months of implementing our social media marketing strategy, Landopia.com’s social media presence had significantly improved. They experienced a 200% increase in their following and engagement, with an average of 50 likes per post. Our Instagram reels were a significant driver of this growth, helping to reach up to three million accounts organically. The reels were highly shareable, resulting in increased engagement and brand awareness. Additionally, our engagement strategy helped to attract more followers and increase Landopia.com’s overall visibility on social media.
Our digital marketing agency was able to help Landopia.com achieve significant growth on social media without paid ads. Our focus on creating engaging and shareable content, revamping the client’s social media pages, and engaging with other users led to a 200% increase in their following and engagement. Our use of Instagram reels was particularly effective, reaching up to three million accounts organically.